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The Firs Discipleship Program offers young adults aged 18-24 the opportunity to develop a radically rooted faith built on the truths found in Scripture.


In today's rapidly changing world, many young Christians feel adrift in a shifting cultural landscape. Our program serves as a crucial link between formal education and the deep longing for spiritual grounding. Through partnerships with Eleven6 and Anchor Christian University, alongside The Firs Ministry programs, we provide young adults with a chance to cultivate a lifelong journey of discipleship in following Jesus.


The convergence of formal post-secondary education, intentional discipleship, and practical ministry experiences will enrich our students' faith, expand their knowledge of scripture, and cultivate a Christ-centered identity, all while living in a thriving Christian community.

Graduates of the one year Radicle Program have the opportunity to earn up to 30 college credits* and a Ministry Certificate. Radicle graduates will have the option to attend our 2nd year Rooted Ministry Programearning an additional 30 college credits* and an Associates of Arts degree in Biblical Studies. 


1. Spiritual Growth and Discipleship

  • Students will live in Christian community while growing in their faith individually and with one another. A core focus will be on establishing healthy spiritual disciplines and developing healthy rhythms for a life-long pursuit of Jesus.

2. Apologetics

  • Coursework will be tailored towards introducing students to a deep and developing understanding of scripture. Upon completion of the program, students will be able to articulate their faith in the real world, with an educated, researched, and practically applicable perspective.

3. Community-Centered

  • We believe we were created for community. Students will become a part of The Firs community, the Whatcom County community, and their church community. A core aspect of the program is learning how to be an active member of a church congregation; building multigenerational relationships, volunteering, and participating weekly in church ministry. Volunteer experiences with local ministries will be a regular part of the program curriculum.

4. Ministry Experiences

  • Throughout the year, The Firs runs diverse ministry programs designed to provide students with a robust educational journey. From summer overnight and day camps to after-school programs, forest preschool, and retreat facilities, our offerings cater to various interests and ages. These programs not only offer valuable ministry experience but also serve as an ideal platform for students to explore different occupations within the ministry realm, all while honing their apologetics and discipleship skills.


Year 1 Course List


BIB110 Bible Survey

PHI110 Foundations of Worldviews

FIN131 Personal Finance

MIN401 Dynamics of Discipleship

FALL TRIMESTER (12 credits)

BIB100 Principles of Bible Study

COM101 Speech Communication

LDR301 Foundations of Leadership

THE230 Christian Apologetics


MIN402 Intro to Ministry Leadership

MIN404 Developing Dynamic Teams

*College Credit provided by Anchor Christian University. Transcript Accreditation available through
partnership with
Eleven6 at an additional cost of $250 per credit.


Discipleship Students will live on the campus of The Firs Retreat Center, in the heart of Bellingham, WA and less than a mile from the beautiful shores of Lake Whatcom.


Students will live in a dormitory with shared rooms. Meals will be served in the campus dining hall.


  • Program Duration: October to August

    • Move in Weekend:

      • September 29-30, 2024

    • First Day of Classes:​

      • Tuesday, October 1, 2024​

    • Scheduled Breaks (for the 2024-2025 program year):

      • Thanksgiving Week: November 25-29, 2024

      • Christmas Break: December 16, 2024 - January 3, 2025

      • Winter Reading Break: February 17-18, 2025

      • Spring Break: April 5-11, 2025

    • Move out Weekend:

      • August 30-31, 2025

  • Program Cost + Work Opportunities:

    • Program Fees:

      • $13,500 (includes room + 18 meals per week)

        • Payment options: 

          • Monthly payments of $1500; due October through June

          • Two payments of $6750; due October and February

          • One payment of $12,825 (includes a 5% discount); due October

    • Work Opportunities:
      • 12-week paid summer internship included - $200-$350/week depending on job.

      • Students may apply for various part-time work opportunities on campus and/or the Bellingham community during the school year.

    • Financial Aid: 

      • Need-based scholarships available

  • Weekly Schedule: 

    • Monday through Thursday (8am-4pm)  — chapel, classes, and ministry experience

    • Friday, Saturday, Sunday — study/free time, work, volunteer, church, etc.

  • Program Events/Experience:

    • Monthly hands-on ministry experience in a camp and retreat setting

    • Two retreats at The Firs Chalet on Mt. Baker (fall & winter)

    • Local volunteer opportunities

    • Spring missions trip

    • Paid summer ministry internship



The Firs Camps & Retreats

4605 Cable St.

Bellingham, WA 98229



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