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The dust is finally settling as ASA transitions from summer to a new school year, with new kids, new families, and a new staff! Every day, 80-100 students are gathered from 6 schools and brought to the ASA Hero Academy. This year we are training in every way to be Heroes in our schools, families and communities. We are learning through God’s word how ordinary people, like us, become heroes when exercising the powers He gives us. We are learning that good prevails over evil when we choose powers like forgiveness, kindness, thankfulness, and faithfulness. Take a look at this brief video to get a glimpse of our super heroes at ASA.

Please be praying for our talented ASA staff: Hailey Nichols, Bryn Knapp, Megan McCardle, Madison Moore, Tyler Rasmussen, Brad Anderson, Rebekah Jensen, Talon Ellsworth, Skylar Jones, Elizabeth Holte, Mariah Harbaugh, Kaitlyn Neary, Cory Henson, Baylor Smith, Anna Crowe, Caleb Copper, Patricia Mallett, and Aaron Wright.

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