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Points for Prayer January, 2018

  1. Summer staff recruitment is already underway for the upcoming season. Social media is being utilized, phone conversations are going on and recruitment trips to schools are happening. Please pray for this very important effort – that God would lead us to the right folks to serve.
  2. The Lord has answered our prayer for a new Food Service Director here at the Retreat Center in a very timely manner. Our new hire is Doug Sherer, who lives here in Sudden Valley but has been commuting to Skagit County to work. His wife is on staff at Christ the King Church in Bellingham. You will hear more about him late, but please pray for him as he transitions into this new job February 1.
  3. In the same vein for prayer, we are looking for a lead cook to work under our new Food Service Director. This person needs the skills and experience to lead a shift on their own. Please pray for just the right person for this job.
  4. The Firs Boards meets in a few weeks on February 10. Please pray for this group as they seek to make good decisions. Pray that in route to finding unity in those decisions they will experience good dialogue with great openness.
  5. In the same manner pray for the upcoming Annual Meeting of The Firs which will take place on March 24. Pray for good participation, discussion, reporting and results from Board and Council voting.
  6. Pray for two Ski Retreats up at the Chalet that are coming this next month. They are what we call Block Group Camps as several churches each weekend are sending their youth groups up to participate in the camp that we are running. Pray that the Lord will do a good work in the lives who attend and that the churches will be able to use the impact of those weekends in the months to follow.
  7. Firwood registrations have begun to come in already as they usually do in January. While we’re a long ways from June, please be praying for our numbers for the summer. Pray that the accident this past summer will not have a negative impact on parents sending their kids to camp. Pray that campership funds will be available for low income families.
Join Our Cooking Team!

Join Our Cooking Team!

The Firs Retreat Center, located in the Geneva neighborhood of Bellingham, is seeking assistant cooks to join our food service team. The kitchen atmosphere at The Firs is a casual and up-beat environment, that serves up to 150 guests. You’ll work with a great team in a well-organized and equipped professional kitchen and will create and serve buffet and family-style, adult-oriented meals. Your experience in banquet, restaurant, or institutional cooking will be helpful, but our food service manager will train you to run the kitchen, in order to assist in food preparation with our team of prep-cooks. There are two positions available in our kitchen; both pay $16 per hour.

Full-Time Summer Assistant Cook:

This position offers 30 to 40 hours a week throughout the summer.

Year-Round Part-Time Weekend Assistant Cook:

This position works mainly weekends with 8 to 16 hours a weekend throughout most of the year.


TO APPLY, complete & sign the following forms available on the Employment page:

  1. Job Application for the Retreat Center
  2. Doctrinal Statement & Covenant
The Firs from Within

The Firs from Within

Dear Family and Friends,

As I set out to write this third note in regards to “legacy staff” at The Firs, I am reminded once again just how crucial the resource of people is at this place. As I looked out over our staff at a recent meeting, I was surprised and pleased at the youthful faces that looked back. While a good number of veterans remain, we are definitely seeing a slow changing of the guard. And when I look at both new and veteran staff, I see how important it is to have them side-by-side.

Over the years, I have discovered that both the beauty and the strength of a staff team is found in its diversity. I know that is an over-used word in our culture, but in this case, I refer to the variety of personalities and skill sets reflected in our staff. God has made each of us different for a reason and it is those differences, in concert, that make us the most useful to Him.

For the past ten-plus years, Jim Donath has been the Food Service Director here at 4605 Cable St. and at the end of this month he is transitioning on to what God has for him next. I need to say that 10 years in food service is like 20 years in comparison to other jobs (kind of like dog years). Nowhere else do you pretty much give up all of your weekends. Nowhere else are you essentially evaluated in your job three times a day – you get the picture. Food service director jobs are not for sissies.

Jim brought to this position at The Firs a number of things. He brought stability – as our previous years “in the kitchen” were anything but. He brought laughter and with it the idea that stress accompanied by humor is a good thing. And, he brought a sincere love for people. He took young, promising employees and he gave them greater opportunities to learn and serve. He thoroughly enjoyed each season’s batch of summer staffers and adopted them as his own. He found the much-needed balance between meals and mission and as a result, the people who came to The Firs were well cared for!

My prayer is that as the coming months and years bring more transitions, they will also bring more opportunities for legacy shifts. The new will learn from the old, while bringing a whole different set of ideas and passions into play. As this happens, the stage is set for the mission to remain strong but also the means for it to be carried out to reflect a new and exciting era.

Trusting Him with our future,


Tom Beaumont
Executive Director
Save the Date: Upcoming Firs Events!

Save the Date: Upcoming Firs Events!








The Annual Meeting of The Firs Council is set to be held March 24th at the Centerhouse starting at 10am. We’re looking forward to a great time of fellowship and conversation. Also, mark  your calendars for our annual Golf Marathon coming up May 21st at the Bellingham Golf & Country Club. To participate, or donate, please contact Rebekah at [email protected]

Parenting Teens

Parenting Teens



The Firs is proud to be a sponsor of an upcoming parenting conference on February 2-3 at North County Christ The King Church. Come out and listen to Mark Gregston and learn how to avoid common pitfalls when parenting teens. For more information, please visit fhfmilies.net.


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