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  1. Pray for the upcoming Annual Council Meeting on the 24th and for a real sense of unity amongst all who attend. Praise for the three board candidates (Barbara Sanford, Linda Muench and Ed Feller) – please be praying for them as they transition on the board if elected.


  1. Pray for Stacy and Dana as they prepare for the upcoming Spring Break Day Camp, early next month. In particular, pray for good counselors that will come and serve the kids well that week. Better yet, please pray for a youth group from one of our local churches to take this camp on as a mission’s project, as has been done in the past. We are expecting 80-100 kids.


  1. Please pray for counselors for the summer at both Firwood and Fircreek! In fact, we would love for you all to take this need to heart and really make it a matter of intensive prayer. This is such an important thing for us, as counselors are right at the point of carrying out our mission, here at The Firs. We, along with other camps, are definitely finding it more and more difficult to get these young leaders to commit to a summer of ministry amongst all of the things that they want to do. And, please pray not just for quantity, but quality as well. We really need mature young leaders who are completely sold out to Jesus and serving Him.


  1. Our Golf Marathon is coming up in a couple of months and much still needs to be done. We have lost a few key golfers/fundraisers, this time around, and we need to fill in the gaps. Pray that this event will once again be a very successful effort in raising money for the programs and ministries of The Firs.


  1. Please pray for strength for our staff, here at The Firs. There are a lot of talented and committed people doing a whole lot of good work here. Pray for their energy level and for good health. Pray for wisdom for them and for focus. There is a lot demanded of them and they will have plenty of challenges along the way. Pray that God will infuse them with His peace and remind them of His love.


  1. Pray for the children that we minister to and, in many cases, the very needy home situations from which they come. Pray that Jesus will shine through each of our leaders and that the kids in our programs will clearly know they are loved.


  1. Registrations are now coming in for both Fircreek and Firwood. Please pray that our camps will fill and that the word about our programs will reach further and further out.

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