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  1. Pray for our personnel needs at The Firs. We are in the process of receiving applicants for the Director of Camps and Retreats position and will continue to look at people through the end of May. We need cooks at the Retreat Center to work with our new Food Service Director (Doug). We are looking for weekend cooks and full-time summer cooks. Our summer staff at Firwood and Fircreek are still in the need of counselors and a few other positions, including Health Aid’s. All of these needs are critical as we continue through this spring and head into our busy summer season.


  1. Pray for our registrations as they continue to come in for Firwood and for Fircreek. Pray that we will achieve our projected numbers for each camp. Pray that we will have enough resources in our Campership Fund to not turn down anyone who wants to come to camp but can’t afford it. Pray that each child and youth coming to our programs this summer will be open to hearing about Jesus and that God would do a work in their lives.


  1. Pray for the projects that we are wanting to see completed in the weeks and months ahead and for all of the necessary funding to make them happen. Pray for the time to get things done (with cooperative weather) by our maintenance staff. Pray for decisions about what to contract out and what to get done in-house. Some of the key projects include:  Roof on a cabin duplex at the Retreat Center, construction of a new dock at our RC waterfront, the re-location of Centerstage at Firwood to a spot that can handle bigger numbers and be better suited, the purchase and installation of a new fireplace at the Chalet and much more.


  1. A long time tenant at the Retreat Center (The Discovery School) is leaving this summer and we need to find a replacement both for the revenue stream lost and the best stewardship of our properties. Pray for the consideration that will be given to expanding our children’s ministries as well as looking for a new tenant.


  1. Continue to pray for our annual Golf Marathon later this month. Pray that our 19 golfers will exceed expectations in raising sponsorship support for this event. Pray for safety during the day and for good weather. Pray that enthusiasm will remain high and that this event will grow from year to year. Pray that the family of The Firs will get behind this important fundraiser and take ownership in it.


  1. Pray for The Firs Board of Trustees as they meet on the 12th of May. Pray for the election of new officers and for the new president as that person seeks to lead the board well over the next year and beyond. Pray for wisdom as they deal with governance issues, financial issues and continue to look to the future of our organization.

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