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All week Brian and Kirk (Firs staff) met to consider the forecast for the coming Saturday, April 21, that we had planned and promoted a work party for. It did not look good at all, and they were trying to decide if they should cancel or carry on. By Friday, the forecast was more optimistic, so they decided to gather tools and see if anyone would chance the rain. Saturday dawned pretty nice and 10 folks showed up for coffee and donuts, and some of the most intense raking took place of mostly retired or retirement age folks. One of our members said, “I may be slow, but I am steady!” They raked the entire grounds of the facilities on the south side of Cable Street, pausing briefly for a fun coffee break, more raking then a great lunch prepared by our new food service director, Doug Scherer. We thanked the group and gave them the option to head home, but they wanted to finish and finish they did. The tractor had been in motion all day hauling away the forest materials that drop on our grounds all winter long and were now being raked up by our volunteer crew. In the end, the facilities on the south side of Cable Street were pristine. Many thanks to:

Ed and Toni Feller

Mike and Mary Pooleon

Mike and Mary Gowan

Bruce Whipple

Ted Parsons

Larry Steel (not in picture)

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