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Dear Firs Family and Friends,

In a very short period of time we will (once again) be inundated with campers and summer staff members and programs and guest groups and all things that make up a busy summer of ministry at The Firs. On one hand, it is “business as usual” – what we expect and have gone through many times in the past. But on the other hand, it is brand new. It is the intersection of thousands of lives who have chosen to come to camp for a brief time this summer for a number of reasons. They will come in the context of their current and recent experiences. And, when they come they will connect with Firs people who will do their best to love and to serve each of them. Our intent is that each of them will encounter Jesus and experience the love of God as a result. There will be Bible Studies and speakers sharing from God’s Word. But, there will also be a clear communication of who Jesus is that is unspoken and unrehearsed.

Maybe this can be explained through the words of a young lady who recently attended a women’s program at the Retreat Center and wrote to share her experience. She said, “Have you ever been with people and come away feeling like you just encountered Jesus with skin on? That’s how it was with these new friends of mine (referencing three Firs ladies who ran the program) We laughed a lot. We talked of deeper heart things. We prayed. It was a time of refreshing as these ladies just exude the spirit of Christ. They reminded me why (this program) exists and that God is right here with me, every single moment.”

I’m not sure I can think of a better description of the relational impact that takes place at camp than conferees and campers encountering Jesus with skin on in the form of our counselors and leaders. That is how God uses us in this very unique ministry He has called us to do. Please be praying for each person at The Firs who will have that opportunity this summer.

Serving Him together,

Tom Beaumont

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