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1. Please keep praying for more needed counselors and other staff members. Right now we are being inundated with record pre-registrations at Fircreek and at this rate we will not be able to accommodate the numbers because we don’t have the staff.

2. Join us in praising God for the provision of a much needed cook here at the Retreat Center to assist our new Food Service Director – Doug Scherer. His name is Mike and he comes with many years of cooking experience. We think they are going to make a great team. But since they are both new – please keep praying for their first (very busy) summer of activity.

3. Pray for our maintenance/building crew: Bruce, Doug, Brian, Keith and Glenn – not only in their job to get our sites fully ready for the summer but in the completion of some pretty ambitious projects throughout the summer.

4. Pray for the overall health of our staff. We have a good number of medical issues that a good number of us are dealing with or recovering from. These things can have the tendency to slow things down and during a time when everything is speeding up heading towards the summer that can be problematic.

5. During the first week of July we will be going through a safety review that will center on all rules and procedures surrounding our waterfronts at both Firwood and Fircreek. This is being outsourced with a firm from Colorado and led by a very qualified expert in the field. It is purposely taking place when we are in full operation. Please be praying that we will have good outcomes from this exercise that will increase our degree of safety at these important camp locations.

6. Your continued prayers are requested for an appropriate tenant to occupy one or more of our buildings on the south side of Cable St. with the vacancy created with the leaving of the Discovery School. We want someone compatible to our programs there and to our ministry. At the same time, pray that God will give us wisdom in how we might expand what we are doing now in Children’s Ministries at that location.

7. The transition between the end of ASA (school year) and the beginning of Fircreek (the week after) is always a challenging one especially in terms of keeping programs appropriately staffed. Please pray for the leadership as they navigate this time of year and see the right people in place at the right time.

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