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  1. We are still in need of Food Service personnel at the Retreat Center. In particular, we need someone who can work full time during the summer to be a Lead Cook to give Doug a break. Please be praying for the right person for that job and for Doug as he navigates through his first busy summer season.
  2. Pray for safety at both Firwood, Fircreek and the Retreat Center as we are in full swing with camps right now. Pray especially for safety around our two waterfronts.
  3. We have a tremendous opportunity to provide a camp experience for, often, more than 500 people a week (when you count those here as guest groups). Please pray that God’s work will be carried out in the lives of each who come to The Firs.
  4. Pray for our counselors, in particular, this summer. Pray that they will learn to set aside their own desires in exchange for serving and loving kids. Pray for the teaching times both formal and informal as Jesus is proclaimed.
  5. Each week at Firwood (Centerstage) and Fircreek (J.A.M. “Jesus and Me”) we have a speaker come and share Jesus with our campers. These speakers come from a variety of sources with many of them youth pastors at local churches. Please pray for them throughout the summer that God would greatly use them in the lives of our campers.
  6. Keep praying for a new tenant to utilize some of our facilities across Cable St. with the departure of the Discovery School this summer. We would love to have a non-profit Christian ministry be that tenant and are getting the word out as many ways as we can.
  7. Pray, too, for our efforts to take another one of our buildings across the street and get it licensed by the State so that we can utilize it, as well, with our ASA program. Pray for Stacy as she does the groundwork for this and as she looks at options for us to expand our program and our impact for Christ in this community.
  8. Achieving our budget for this year is going to be a real challenge for us with the loss of revenue from the school’s move off our campus and some other factors. Pray for good numbers this summer and fall and for God’s provision as we work at keeping costs down.
  9. Pray for our summer long search for a new Director of Camps and Retreats here. This person will be a part of our executive team with responsibilities over both Firwood and the Chalet. Our desire is to have someone in place early this fall.

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