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About 80 people (not counting volunteers) gathered last Saturday evening for our annual fundraising auction at the Bellingham Golf and Country Club. As usual, this time was one of fun interaction, relationship building and over-the-top generosity.  We put a theme to the event this time (Back to the Woods) in anticipation of The Firs 100 year anniversary celebration in a few years. Scattered throughout the venue were displays that reflected our long history of ministry and those in attendance really enjoyed the look back.

Without question, the highlight of the evening took place when we got to the time to encourage support of our Campership Fund which makes it possible for kids to attend camp who otherwise couldn’t afford to go.  I suspect everyone or near everyone in the room participated with gifts of $100 -$1000. As a result, the biggest total in memory of $12,425 was raised. That alone was a huge encouragement but then a note was passed along to me that stated this amount would anonymously be matched dollar for dollar. This effectively took our total to $24,850. As we moved on with the program, I remember thinking more than once that if that was all that happened – the event would have been a great success.

As it turned out another $18,273 was raised that night (including the fees for the event) for a grand total of $43,123. Even after expenses this will be a huge boost to the ministries and kids of The Firs. We are very thankful to God for each and every one who took part – including those who gave of the goods and services that we auctioned off.

The greatest resource of The Firs is not its money but its people. It’s the people of The Firs who serve and who plan. They pray and they govern; they volunteer and they promote. And, when a group of them come together for an event such as this, it is a reminder to us all of how God chooses to carry out His purpose in this place.

With a grateful heart,

Tom Beaumont – Executive Director

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