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POINTS FOR PRAYER – December 2018

POINTS FOR PRAYER – December 2018

  1. We are very thankful for a generous donation this month towards projects up at the Chalet. This will allow us to improve some of our rooms, purchase new mattresses and most importantly, remodel the bathrooms on the top two floors.


  1. We are in the process of purchasing a house on Austin Street that represents the only piece of property on the block across Cable St. (includes the Fircreek woods) that we do not own. If this sale goes through it will be an important acquisition for our Fircreek program as we look to see this ministry expand. Please pray for this process and if bought for the challenge that paying off the loan will bring (in the neighborhood of $400,000).


  1. Please pray for the successful completion of the 2019 operational budget soon. This is always a challenging proposition made even more difficult this year with the loss of a major revenue stream with the Discovery School not renewing their lease.


  1. We are still looking for a suitable tenant for the Rutledge building on the south side of Cable St. Our hope is to partner with another ministry that is compatible with our greater usage of the property there with children’s ministries.


  1. Pray for the comprehensive planning that goes on this time of year. Making decisions on what programs to offer and when; what projects should be completed and how they will be funded and what the strategy will be for staffing are some of the components of this annual effort. We need wisdom on every front.


  1. Pray for our ongoing program at ASA as it extends past the school break for Christmas. Pray for the kids we care for each day and for the families that we serve as a result. Pray, too, for the staff who are on the point in pointing these kids to Jesus.


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Dear Firs Family and Friends,

As I reflect back on 2018 and yet another year of ministry here at The Firs, I can’t help but think what a privilege it is to serve in this place.  It’s a privilege because of the people with whom I get to serve. It’s a privilege because of the tremendous legacy of The Firs, as seen in those who have gone before us. It’s a privilege because every day by the lake, amidst the trees, and on the mountain, I am reminded of the power of God through the things He has made. And, finally, it is a privilege because we are needed in our community. We are needed to get kids outside and to introduce them to Jesus. We are needed because families need the support of quality programs run by committed people to care for their children.

In many ways, we hit the reset button come January 1, as we look to the ministries ahead. At the same time, we enter each new year with a degree of uncertainty. What will our numbers be? Will our expenses be met by our revenue? Will we be able to stay on top of our projects as we care for our facilities? Will we be surprised by the unexpected or threatened by the unwanted? We have done this thing called “camp” for a very long time, yet 2019 is a story still to be told. The comforting thing is that we can face and not fear the unknown because we do so with a well-known God.

For those of you who pray for us – thank you! It gives us strength. For those of you who give to help kids get to camp or so we can keep our rates low – thank you! It allows us to broaden our reach. For those of you who attend and volunteer and serve, know that what you do makes a difference and we are very appreciative of your partnership.

From our family here at The Firs to you and yours, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!


Serving Him together,

Tom Beaumont
Executive Director

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