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  1. Please pray for the upcoming Annual Meeting of The Firs on March 23. Pray that there will be good attendance, a good spirit of unity and a good time of looking ahead together.


  1. Pray, too, for the upcoming election and the choosing of two new board members. Pray that the ones of God’s choosing are revealed and that the other candidates find appropriate ways to stay involved over the year ahead.


  1. An Adult Day Care program is planning on leasing the Rutledge Building at The Firs starting soon. Pray for their transition onto our site and for the necessary permitting and facility upgrades needed.


  1. Praise for a great trip to Cannon Beach recently by 12 of our staff as we took part in the Sectional Conference of the Christian Camp and Conference Association. Pray that some of the things learned there will be helpful in the weeks and months to come.


  1. We have already lost a week of Day Camp for the summer because of weather related school closures in Bellingham. Pray that there will be no more closures and that our team will be able to financially manage through this adjustment.


  1. This is an important time for summer staff recruitment for both Firwood and Fircreek. Pray for all of the efforts that are going out to encourage young leaders to come this summer – including planned trips to Oregon and California for recruiting at some Christian Colleges.


  1. Registrations are coming in – in line with last year for Camp Firwood. Pray that those numbers will continue and even improve from week to week over the next couple of months and beyond. Pray, too, for Fircreek which will open its registration period soon.


  1. The snow has slowed our efforts down this winter to get some of our project improvements done. We’d kind of like it to not snow anymore (except at the Chalet) and would like prayer for some catching up to do in this regard.


  1. We are thankful for the launch of a new and improved website for Fircreek. Check it out here and then pray that it will be used well in promoting and informing people about this very exciting ministry of The Firs along with other efforts on Facebook and Twitter.

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