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Dear Firs Family and Friends,

I’m sure it is not a surprise to you when I say that not everything works out perfectly at camp during the summer. Not every summer staff member meets expectations. Not everyone stays healthy and not every camper responds positively to the message of Jesus. These things are true. But, so is this: Counselors will grow and mature significantly as the summer goes along and they will find that they can be used by God in ways they’ve never imagined. Speakers at Centerstage or JAM time will show up and what they have to say for the week will end up being just what was needed for that group of campers. Campers who come to camp with no interest whatsoever in hearing anything “religious,” will have a major perspective change as they experience the love of God from counselors and staff every day. And, wisdom and strength and patience and guidance will show up in abundance from God – just as it is needed. How do I know those things will be true? Because they happen every summer here at The Firs.

Want to know something else that is true? It is April and that means we are in the midst of recruiting and then preparing summer staff members for our team at Firwood and Fircreek. The search is on to find committed young leaders willing to give up their summer (and good paying job) for the sake of kids who need to encounter Jesus. And, it is about finding willing and qualified life guards and cooks and program planners and CIT leaders. At times, it seems like the whole thing is impossible! How do we find the right combination of skills and maturity and passion and experience? I don’t know – but God does. Please pray with me this month that just who is needed to serve this summer will show up and say “yes” to a life changing experience.

Serving Him together,

Tom Beaumont

Executive Director

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