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  1. Summer staff recruitment is first and foremost on our minds at this time of the year. Pray as schools are visited and students talked to that good candidates would show an interest to serve. Pray for quality returning staff to agree to serve another summer. Pray for creative ways to surface that will help get the word out to a broader range of prospects.


  1. Praise for the 12 teams (almost 48 golfers) agreeing to participate in our Golf Marathon next month! Pray that each team will be successful in raising $4,000 over the next several weeks.


  1. Praise for the good early registrations for both Firwood (933) and Fircreek (890). Pray for the projected total registrations for both camps. Firwood – 2,202 and Fircreek – 1,888 campers.


  1. Pray for the preparation going on in order to accomplish some major work inside the Chalet (bathroom renovation) in June. Pray especially for available time for both Doug and Bruce to be involved in this project at the beginning of the busy summer season.


  1. Praise and prayer for the eight guest groups that we are serving up at the Chalet between now and the time construction starts up there in June: Cornerstone Christian, Christ the King, Bethany Community, Northview Community, Christ Church and more.


  1. Pray for the Firs Board of Trustees under the leadership of Pastor Paul Anderson. Pray for the five new members who have come on in the past 13 months: Ed Feller, Linda Muench, Barbara Sanford, Ben Goodwin and Tony Young. Pray, especially, for the board as they deal with leadership transition at The Firs over the next couple of years.


  1. Pray for a sufficiently funded Campership Fund as we continue on through camp registration season. Pray for wisdom for those approving camperships and for enough funding to take care of the needs as we become aware of them.


  1. Pray for good health amongst The Firs staff and employees and for quick recovery of injuries.

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