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Golf Marathon 2019!

Golf Marathon 2019!

May 20th, marked our 11th annual golf fundraiser where 52 golfers braved the wind and rain for over ten hours, in an all-out effort to keep the dynamic and growing ministries of The Firs (Retreat Center, Firwood, Fircreek, Chalet, ASA, etc…) in full swing. We’re so grateful for all 52 golfers whose hearts are committed to what we do here for kids and were willing to fundraise for our cause. We thank God for the $60K that was raised for His purposes. Take a look at this fine group of people!



Dear Firs Family and Friends,

Every group that we serve here at The Firs, we partner with, in a very real sense. They are getting away to camp for their retreat with some specific objectives in mind and we do our best while they are here to help them meet those objectives. In a sense, we remove distractions, take away as many “chores” as possible and provide for them a quiet, enjoyable environment.

One of our recent retreat leaders had this to say about their stay here: “Our focus this weekend was on prayer, and many people I talked to said the weekend was simply relaxing. Nothing felt rushed, just restful.” As our Guest Group Coordinator (Emilee) ironically said, “There is nothing very restful about hosting a group here as it is generally a matter of running around making sure all of their details are set.” Then she went on to say something very profound to our mission. She said, “I feel like we get to bear the burden of busyness and stress for our guests. Dare I say it is similar to Jesus taking our burdens and giving us lighter loads?”

I think Emilee hit the nail on the head. Camp retreats are about getting away to listen. They are about slowing down and paying attention. To the degree that we allow that to happen through our service we are truly partnering with groups so that people can hear from God.  Before the year is out, we will have hosted nearly 150 groups at three of our sites. And, with each one we have the opportunity to clear the path for those conversations to take place.

Serving Him together,

Tom Beaumont
Executive Director

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