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  1. Please pray for protection from illness for all of our staff and for the kids we continue to serve. The only thing operating right now at The Firs is an all-day program through our ASA. A registered nurse is screening our staff and kids and we have already lost some staff with cold symptoms. So, pray that we will have enough kid’s workers to cover those in the program.


  1. Pray that we will continue to be able to run this program. So far, an exemption to the “social distancing” rules have been given to all child care facilities, but you never know if that will continue. Pray that if there is room to expand care for kids in our community, that we will be able to do even more than we are doing now.


  1. Pray for sufficient financial provision for The Firs now and in the months to come. Guest groups are now non-existent at the Chalet and the Retreat Center. Camp registrations for the summer have dwindled down to a trickle (for now). We are monitoring our cash position closely and keeping expenses to an absolute minimum but more will be needed.


  1. Rumors are running rampant about what is going to happen, or might happen, or could happen on local and state levels in regards to COVID-19. These things create stress at times with our staff and can cause discouragement. Pray that actual, true information can be separated from rumor and that all can be given the perspective needed.


  1. Another thing that we face is the reality of how fast things change. What is true in the morning may not be true at the end of the day or the day after. This makes planning and adjusting very difficult. Pray for wisdom and patience and strength to navigate through all of this.


  1. Pray for the search process for the new executive director of The Firs. The search team/company retained by The Firs Board has begun the process. Pray that God will bring about the right person for the job.


  1. Pray that in the midst of all the concerns and fears, that we as an organization, who seek to love others, would have our eyes open to how to best do that in the current crisis. This includes parents and neighbors, as well as kids.

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