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Dear Firs Council & friends,

Hello Everybody!! I hope that you are having a great day today. Thank you for taking the time to read a quick update about all of the things happening at The Firs.

Summer: As you probably know, we are gearing up for another busy summer here at The Firs. The Retreat Center will be busy again, with groups every week of the summer. Fircreek will be running a full program and spots are filling up. Firwood will be running a 5-week season, starting in July, and registrations are about halfway there. We haven’t run Firwood in the past two summers, so people are still just finding out about it. Please be praying for folks to hear about Firwood and for camper spots to fill up.

Summer Help: We are also looking for summer staff at all locations. We need Dining Room help, as well as cooks for all locations. We need CITs at Firwood and guy counselors. The Lead Positions are filled and we are praying for a few more staff to fill our teams.

Employment: The Firs is also looking for a few positions, including a Housekeeping Supervisor and housekeepers, a Cook for the Retreat Center, and an Executive Assistant for the ED. All of the positions are currently posted on the website. If you are interested or know of anyone that would be interested in these positions, please share the link with them.

Prayer Requests: 

Fircreek –

  • Health Aide
  • Activities Zone Leader
  • Art supplies
  • Family Fun Night – food

Firwood –

  • Counselors – male counselors
  • Campers
  • CITs
  • Lifeguards

Guest Services –

  • Lifeguards
  • Dining Staff
  • Housekeeping Staff
  • Sports equipment

Centennial –

  • Celebration planning
  • September dates with multiple events
  • Book reprinting

I recently heard a story of a teenager that accepted Jesus here at The Firs, almost 100 years ago. At a retreat 2 years later, he received a calling to preach and serve the gospel. He later started a conference center similar in size and scope on the East Coast. He served for many years as a pastor of a large church and was president at a Christian liberal arts university and also at a seminary. His ministry impacted thousands and his children continued on in ministry, doing much the same. I’ll share more details at a later time, but that is the impact that the gospel has and it all started in this young man’s life here at The Firs. That’s the impact that The Firs has – impact to thousands after you leave here.

What story do you have that you could share about the life change that the gospel has had on you or those that have come here? I’d love to hear your story of how lives have been changed because Jesus was met here.

I want to share this verse from Ephesians…

“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” Epheshians 6:12

Will you be praying for the staff as we prepare for the summer? Please pray for protection and for us to remember that the battle isn’t against flesh and blood. It’s so easy to get discouraged right before the work that God will do this summer, so thank you for praying for us.

Thank you for your time and reading this quick update.


Lem Usita, Ed.D.
Executive Director

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