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The Firs Update: August

The Firs Update: August

Hello Friends,

God has been doing some amazing things here. Every week, campers are making decisions to follow the Lord. We had 60 campers accept Jesus into their lives at one of the middle school weeks, with many more accepting Jesus the other weeks. God continues to do His work at The Firs.

I hope that you are having a great summer so far. I know there is about a month left of summer – for some of us anyway – but I hope you have had a great one.

We have had an incredible summer here at The Firs. In past summers, I have spoken at Firwood, but this is my first summer seeing all of our programs and the campers at all locations. It has been a blast to have Firwood back up and running and to be very busy at Fircreek with a waitlist of almost 500 campers. The Retreat Center has been pretty busy as well, with hundreds of campers coming through this summer. We have some amazing programs, as you already know, and we continue to serve churches, the community, and families.

We are past the halfway point of the summer. Firwood is in its last week and there will be three more weeks of Fircreek after this week. Firwood will still have guest groups coming throughout September, as will the Retreat Center. We have had a few groups up at the Chalet, this summer, but are starting to book groups for the fall and winter – January and February are booked.

Evan Bryant will finish out the summer with Fircreek, and we welcome Ellie Fowler as the new Fircreek Director. Ellie will start mid-August, to finish out the summer with this year’s crew. She was already scheduled to be the speaker at Fircreek next week, but we are excited to welcome Ellie as our new Fircreek Director.

We also welcomed two new cooks this summer. God blessed us with George Woods and Valerie Vos, so we are also excited for the new staff we have in Food Service.

There are still a few positions open, and I am in the process of evaluating our programs and current open positions. Please pray with me for the wisdom to have the right roles, and for the Lord to bring the right people to fill those roles.

The last thing I want to tell you about is that I am going to run a pilot program with some young adults this fall. We will call it theCOLLEGIUM, and it will be a year-long Christian College Residential Program, with internship and intentional community. More on that next month.

Please continue to pray for us and for the summer staff. Pray for continued health and that God would protect us from outbreaks of any kind. He has been so good. Please continue to pray for safety and for protection, but most importantly, please pray that campers continue to experience the love of Jesus in the way that they need.

Thank you for your prayers and support. If you have any great stories to share from the summer, we would love to hear them. There have been so many good ones! By the way, we now offer wakesurfing at Firwood. Kids and staff love it!

Lemuel Usita Ed.D.
Executive Director

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