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Job Title: Forest Preschool Program Coordinator
Reports to: Director of Children & Family Ministries
Classification: Full-Time
Updated: October 2022


Program & Position Overview:

At Firs and Fiddleheads Forest School, we believe ALL things have been purposely created by God and that through His creation, from the towering fir trees to the young fern gardens, He is whispering, “you are loved.”

We aim to give children the opportunity to explore and discover the wonders of God’s creation, to foster curiosity, and to provide room for possibility and adventure. As teachers offer guidance and instruction, they will not constrict a child’s learning to fit a specific curriculum, but harness the child’s natural interests to spark creativity and problem solving. We hope to convey that life has boundaries, but not always walls, and to cultivate a sense of wonder in play and learning that will lead students to be successful in school and life.

The Program Coordinator will be responsible for day-to-day operations of the Firs & Fiddleheads Forest Preschool; assisting in the development and implementation of lessons, policies and procedures, with the goal of successfully creating a community of learning and wonder.

Forest Preschool Coordinator Duties:

  • Create and maintain staff schedules. Work with all staff to ensure positions are filled and covered throughout the day, and occasionally to fill the gap themselves.
  • Act as a liaison between classes, offering help and guidance to provide excellent educational outcomes.
  • Provide assistance with supplies and materials for class curriculum.
  • Help create continuity and equity within all preschool classes.
  • Assist in a feasibility study to determine if State Licensing is viable for this program.
  • Create and execute a Volunteer Program.
  • Schedule extracurricular activities with families; field trips, events, etc.
  • Help with writing and organizing the Staff Manual and Program Handbook.
  • Ensure implementation of policies and best practices (conduct training).
  • Help with the creation of a yearly budget and track expenditures.

Desired Qualifications & Skills:

  • Able to lead and manage teachers and support staff.
  • Skilled with the ability to communicate – both verbally and in writing.
  • Willingness to obtain certifications to meet State licensing requirements (when/if that process begins).
  • Be comfortable and familiar with technology, such as social media platforms, online posting, Office 365.
  • Must possess strong conflict management skills and the ability to work in high stress situations involving a fluctuating workload and deadlines.
  • The nature of this position can include prolonged standing, and inclement weather conditions.
  • Maintains a professional attitude in a casual setting.
  • Must have the desire to grow with the program.

Ministry Statement:

Must be able to sign The Firs Staff Covenant and Doctrinal statements annually.

Education & Experience:

  • Bachelor’s Degree preferred in related fields; Early Childhood, Outdoor Education, Recreation or an Associate’s Degree with field experience.
  • Leadership experience


  • Full-Time: 35-40 hours per week
  • Pay: $20-$22 per hour with Signing Bonus
  • Medical Benefits, flexible spending plan
  • PTO (sick pay)
  • Paid Vacation

To Apply:

Send Cover Letter and Resume to stacy@thefirs.org

Rolling Application, desired start date December 1, 2022.

Download the pdf of this Job Description

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