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Principles of The Firs

Principles of The Firs

  In 1979, Grant Whipple gave a talk about the "Principles of The Firs." The principles that Grant highlights are still relevant today. I believe that the blessing of The Firs come out of these principles, but in a way that makes sense for today. "What is our ministry?...

The Firs Update: October

The Firs Update: October

Hello Friends, It has been an incredible October here at The Firs. It’s been sunny and warm - which is great for a Southern Californian like me, but I have had enough conversations with locals to know that they are ready for the cool fall and rain. Five months of hardly any...

Grant Whipple on The Firs’ History

Grant Whipple on The Firs’ History

Grant Whipple gave a talk on the History of the Firs on August 23, 1995. Listen to Grant give the history in his words. Grant beautifully tells the story of how The Firs came to be, and the important people and events that happened along the way. Please share your comments with...


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