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The Council of The Firs shall consist of a group of people actively committed to the objectives of the organization and deeply concerned and involved with their fulfillment.

march 25, 2023


10:00 AM    Doors open + Coffee and Fellowship

10:30 AM    Call to order 

10:35 AM    Devotions

10:45 AM    FFBC AGM

11:05 AM     Business Meeting

11:35 AM     Lunch

12:15 PM     Vision and Future

1:30 PM      Program Breakout Session 1

2:00 PM     Program Breakout Session 2

2:30 PM     Closing Remarks


6:00 PM Worship and Message

You are invited to an optional time of worship and teaching at The Firs.  We encourage you to invite your family and friends to join us as we gather to worship together.


1) Board Nominees - The Firs Board of Trustees herewith notify the council that there are no board members up for nomination this year.

2) Amendment to the Bylaws - The Firs Board of Trustees would like to propose amending the current bylaws to lower the number of required board members at any given time. Currently the bylaws require that we maintain a minimum of 10 members. The Board is proposing to amend this to a minimum of 7.

3) Council Nominees - The Firs Board of Trustees would like to present the following names for consideration to serve on The Firs Council: Hans Erchinger-Davis.

Hans Erchinger-Davis (1).png

Hans Erchinger-Davis [Honz Ur-ching-ger-Davis] was born in Bellingham, WA and worked at the Firs as “Schpilkus” (‘94 Firwood CIT, ‘96 Fircreek counselor, & ‘98 Firwood counselor).


Hans studied Business at Western Washington University and Theology at Regent College in Vancouver. He has worked in the tech industry and as a filmmaker. A seventeen-year veteran of homeless ministry, he is presently the President & CEO of Lighthouse Mission Ministries. Hans and his wife, Janel, have a daughter and son. Their family attends Hillcrest Church.

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