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In 1979, Grant Whipple gave a talk about the “Principles of The Firs.” The principles that Grant highlights are still relevant today. I believe that the blessing of The Firs come out of these principles, but in a way that makes sense for today.

“What is our ministry? Activities? Building up facilities? Properties – and these have become valuable properties……..and they all have a good time, but what are we there for? And the danger is to substitute building up an organization, building up facilities, acquiring equipment, getting involved in all kinds of activities, and minimizing the one thing that God says He’s going to bless, and that’s the Gospel.”

“This is the heart of The Firs.”

We can’t forget this. Pray that we continue on with the Gospel here at The Firs.

This was taken from an audio recording from a cassette tape. You can hear the hum in the background, and although I tried to clean it up, you will still hear and get the feel of listening to an audio cassette tape. But I hope you focus on Grant’s voice and the Principles of The Firs.

~ Post written by Lem Usita, Ed. D | Executive Director


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